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Artist Statement:


Within each canvas is an opportunity to explore relationships through shape and color. I consider how much territory a specific shape will occupy, whether it should expand perhaps overlapping neighboring shapes. Will these forms meet in a strong defined way or will the edges barely touch in delicate softness? The use of color opens yet another avenue for interplay of relationships. A bold orange painted next to an equally bold red will look and feel completely different than if paired with a muted yellow. Each color is influenced by those closest to it.
In a sense each painting is either portrait or self-portrait. How am I affected by those closest to me and how do I influence them in return? I'm inspired by the American Abstract Expressionists, particularly the color fields of Mark Rothko and collages of Conrad Marca-Relli


Galerie Blanche, Montréal, Canada

Galerie d'art Blanche

Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples FL

LaFontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

M Fine Arts Galerie, Boston, MA

Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC

Moberg Gallery

Samuel Owen Gallery

Greenwich CT, Palm Springs FL,  Nantucket  MA

Shain Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Veronique Wantz Gallery, Minneapolis, MN




1992 Associate of Applied Arts, Pima College, Tucson, AZ

2 year Bible AFLBS Bible College

2016-2017 535 Gallery owner/curator

2014-2016 Minnesota Watercolor Society President

Solo and Two Person Exhibits

2023 Undercurrent Veronique Wantz, Minneapolis, MN

2021 Initium, Veronique Wantz, Minneapolis, MN  

2020 The Balance Remains, Veronique Wantz Gallery, Minneapolis, MN - postponed

2018  with Michelle Fagan, Parkside Gallery, Rochester, MN

2017  solo, Verdant Vinings, Gallery 360, Edina, MN

2017  with  Bonnie Cutts, 535 Gallery, Rochester, MN

2016  with Nick Sinclair, 535 Gallery, Rochester, MN

2013  with HeeJune Shin, Crossings At Carnegie, Zumbrota, MN

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