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APRIL 29-JUNE 24, 2023

 UNDERCURRENT investigates the underlying spatial relationships and surface tensions between shapes and colors. The titles and themes of these new paintings are loosely based on and inspired by a 1909 edition of Lyndon Orr’s book of short stories, “The Romance of Devotion: Famous Affinities of History,” which I stumbled upon at a flea market.


 "What drives our passion? Are we led along by mysterious powers beyond our control? What are we willing to sacrifice in order to pursue a singular desire? When does devotion cross the threshold to obsession or admiration become neurotic fixation? In this body of work, I explore these themes and others through the lens of some of the greatest romances in history."--Wendy Westlake

"Wendy’s stunning UNDERCURRENT series mirrors monumental life forces inspired by the stories: themes drawing us together and apart, evoking mystery, attraction, power, and, ultimately, destiny."

Margot Rosenstein Gallery director, Veronique Wantz

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